Fitness Studio Integral

Integral means "whole" in Latin.

Working out at Integral is not about trying to be better, faster or stronger than everyone else. Our philosophy lies in a holistic approach to movement without compromising one's physical or mental health.

Our self-love vibes, unique classes, modern design and friendly staff await you in our space.
unique classes that are not offered anywhere else in Ukraine
a modern design space for your best post-workout selfies
acceptance and self-love vibes in every square meter of the studio space
fully equipped locker rooms: organic skincare for skin and hair, hygiene products, hair dryers, showers, free drinking water
cafe with our signature drinks and snacks
specially made hip-hop & r'n'b playlists for our classes
Refresh yourself with our signature drinks or grab a post-workout snack at our own on-site café.
What should I bring to the studio with me?
  • for hot yoga / pilates/ barre/ stretching classes: light workout clothes, flip flops and a towel if you want to shower at the studio. You can also buy single use flip flops for 15 UAH and rent a towel for 30 UAH.

  • for functional classes: workout clothes and comfortable sneakers.
  • for boxing classes: workout clothes, comfortable sneakers, boxing wraps. The studio provides boxing gloves free of charge and you can also buy boxing wraps from us.
How do I prepare for a workout?
  • for hot yoga / pilates/ barre/ stretching classes: be sure to drink plenty of water before and during your workout to feel comfortable in a hot room. Don't eat at least an hour before your class.
  • for functional / boxing classes: don't eat at least 2 hours before the class, don't drink a lot of fluids immediately before the class.
How do I cancel my booking?
In order to give everybody an opportunity to attend our classes, we ask you to follow the studio rules and cancel your booking at least 3 hours before the class starts.

If your booking is canceled less than 3 hours before the class starts, we will have to deduct it from your class package or take one day off from your unlimited membership.

You can cancel your class bookings in our online scheduling system, by sending us a message on Instagram or by calling us.
I haven't worked out in a while, will I be comfortable?
Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels, since our instructors give a lot of modifications. Our studios are dimly lit and there are almost no mirrors so that you don't compare yourself with others and focus only on your own practice.

If you want to start with something lighter we suggest you start with yoga, pilates or stretching, and then move on to more advanced classes like barre, functional or boxing.
I'm worried about the hot studio room, will I be comfortable?
To heat up the studio room to 35°C we use infrared panels. IR rays penetrate the body and warm it up from the inside instead of just heating up the air. We also have a modern ventilation system that constantly cleans and delivers fresh air to the room. In addition, we maintain a proper level of humidity in the studio, which helps to moisturize the skin and makes you feel comfortable during your workout.

The hot room is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. Also, the hot room is not advised for pregnant women and children under 14 years old. If you are in doubt whether the temperature in a hot room is right for you, consult your doctor.
What is the advantage of practicing in a hot studio room?
  • Heat waves from infrared panels penetrate the body to a depth of 4 cm, which better heats up the muscles and makes them more elastic and makes it much easier to stretch.

  • Sweating helps to remove heavy metals from the body (mercury, cadmium, ammonia, lead, and others).

  • Heat increases oxygen supply and improves blood circulation in muscle tissues, helps reduce chronic joint and muscle pain, promotes relaxation and relieves stress

  • Improved blood circulation nourishes the skin: oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood flows closer to the skin cells
Is your studio for women only?
No! Our studio is open for everyone - we have both men's and women's changing rooms.
What are the restrictions to visit the hot studio?
Pregnancy and cardiovascular diseases that prevent you from visiting the sauna. If you are unsure whether you will be comfortable in the hot room - please consult your doctor.
Do you have ...
  • parking? We don't have our own parking, but there are many places near the studio where you can comfortably leave your car

  • water? Yes, we have free drinking water in the studio

  • showers? Yes, there are 3 showers in each locker room

  • towels? Yes, you can rent a towel from us for free

  • single use flip flops? Yes, you can buy single use flip flops from us for 15 UAH

  • private classes? Yes, the cost of private classes are 700 UAH for one person and 900 UAH for two
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21 Ioanna Pavla II street, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (96) 188 44 16