Integral is a new fitness destination on a map of Kyiv. We are breaking the notion of working out as something that you do to mindlessly burn calories and get "summer" ready. Instead, we turn working out into a fun hobby and an essential part of your daily life.

About us

We are proponents of self-love through a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness and so we have created this space as a self-care temple for everybody who wants to improve the quality of their lives. Our mission is to convey that daily physical activity is an essential part of a happy and fulfilling life for every person. Our name has nothing to do with algebra, but is closely related to the philosophy of the brand. Integral means "whole, complete, fundamental" in Latin. And just as holistically and fundamentally we take on everything that we do in the studio.
We care about your physical health.
We care about your mental health.
We care about you.
We teach four classes at our studio, each of which has its own benefits for the body and mind. Yoga is all about flexibility, smooth movement and balance, and also about knowing yourself and being mindful. Pilates and barre is about muscle sculpting, mobility and awareness of every move you make. Functional is all about strengthening core and back muscles, endurance and endorphins, and boxing is for strong muscles, stress relief and getting rid of accumulated negativity. We are the first studio in Ukraine to introduce hot pilates, hot barre and hot stretching as classes.
My whole life I have had extremely negative associations with working out. I never liked doing it as I was quite physically weak since childhood. I was sure that I looked awkward in the gym compared to the confident jocks who went there. And then I fell into the world of eternal weight loss, weighing and measuring my body, as do 99% of all girls. Comparing myself to retouched supermodels and Instagram bloggers led me to unhealthy eating and working out behavior, where I would have to "deserve" a meal or a dessert. This brought me nothing but more negative emotions about physical exercise and a sense of constant dissatisfaction with my own body.
When I moved to New York, I discovered the world of boutique fitness - trendy studios with strong branding, cool playlists, friendly instructors and a hip client base. Working out started to bring me pleasure, it became a part of my social life and I began to get a real thrill from exercising.
Back in Kyiv, I realized how distorted the attitude towards physical activity is in Ukraine. We still hear all this rhetoric about the "summer body" that we all need to prepare for, about some mysterious "extra pounds" we need to burn off after the New Year holidays and others. It makes you perceive working out as something unpleasant, something that society forces you to do in order to meet its beauty standards and values. I wanted to go to a place where physical exercise was primarily about being in touch with your body, loving yourself, taking care of your physical and mental health. This is how Integral came to life.

I hope that you will feel the self-love and self-care vibes in our studio and make physical activity an integral part of your daily life.
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21 Ioanna Pavla II street, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (96) 188 44 16